Medical, Railway & Industrial Power Supplies – Traco Power

Medical, Railway & Industrial Power Supplies – Traco Power

For more than three decades, TRACO POWER has been the leading manufacturer of DC/DC converters and AC/DC switching power supplies for industrial or medical applications.  TRACO POWER employs around 120 people worldwide, with its own subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland, and the USA. Thanks to their own warehouses around the world, virtually all standard products are available immediately. At least 20 employees work in research and development and have access to first-class EMC test laboratories at the development site in Ireland; in addition, there are over 100 additional engineers at partner plants at their disposal.

Reliable. Available. Now

Over the past 30 years, TRACO POWER has been able to react quickly to all trends such as digitalization, electromobility, IoT, modern medical technology, or Industry 4.0. Thanks to high flexibility, new products can be launched quickly, customer inquiries can be answered within a few hours, and almost 100% of the portfolio can be delivered directly from own warehouses within 48 hours. As soon as a TRACO POWER product hits the market, it is placed in inventory and can guarantee long-term availability – for decades.

Product portfolio

Galvanically isolated DC/DC converters from 1 W to 300 W in SIP, DIP, 1/2 Brick, SMD, and casing assembly designs. Non-isolated switching regulators up to 30 A. Switching power supplies in open, closed, cast, top-hat rail and weatherproof designs for outdoor use from 1W to 1000W.

Performance promise

Reliable standard power components for small quantities and production runs with fast and long-term warehouse availability.

Target markets

Mechanical, plant, and device engineering, applications in the fields of industry, IoT, and telecommunications as well as medicine, rail, transport, measurement/control/regulation, laboratory, network technology, household, air conditioning, and building automation.

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