JARO’s New “Highly Intelligent” EC Condenser Is Cost-effective

JARO’s New “Highly Intelligent” EC Condenser Is Cost-effectiveJARO’s “Intelligent” EC Condenser Is Better Than AC Fan:

March 20, 2019 | BOCA RATON, FL

JARO Thermal is proud to announce the release of a new, low-noise, high-efficiency series of EC condenser motors. JARO’s new EC condenser motor offers creative functionality that helps OEMs, supermarket chains and even homeowners to reduce unnecessary electricity usage, while intelligently maximizing the efficiency of their refrigeration system. Features like smart, auto-reverse allow accumulated dust to blow out of the heat exchanger of the condenser – thus providing a higher cooling capability. Other intelligent features include smart auto-reverse (on demand), smart auto-reverse (on start), dual speed options, and a steady, constant-speed mode. JARO’s dual-speed EC condensers have a flat and steady speed-efficiency curve, unlike AC motors, which are more susceptible to voltage fluctuations. All of JARO’s fans are IP 54 (water-protection) rated, in addition to being ISO certified.