Thermoelectric Modules

JARO’s Synergistic Thermoelectric Cooling Modules

JARO’s active Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) chip modules are designed to work synergistically with existing fan-to-sink products, providing swift and enhanced performance to fans and heatsinks. Leveraging the Peltier Effect, JARO’s TEC technology achieves exceptional thermal performance. The temperature difference generated by this effect is utilized for both cooling and heating, depending on the direction of the electrical current.

The Science Behind JARO's TEC Modules

JARO’s TEC modules heat or cool objects by maintaining a specific temperature, offering significant flexibility. These modules are compact and directly attached to the fans, making them space-efficient and highly effective in thermal management.

Rapid Cooling and Heating

TEC excels at swiftly lowering or raising temperatures, ensuring that your devices or applications consistently perform at their best.

Silent and Compact Design

TEC stands out with its silent, compact design, and lightweight construction, making it highly appealing and suitable for a variety of space-constrained applications, enhancing system versatility.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

TEC incorporates energy-saving technology, offering you a green solution that reduces energy consumption and cuts down on costs.

Applications of Thermoelectric Cooling technology across various Industries Space / Military / Smart Cars / Electronics / Optical / Biomedical / Consumers
JARO’s Fans & Heat Sinks specifically designed with TEC in mind

Jaro’s high-performance fans and heat sinks play a crucial role in achieving exceptional cooling and heating capabilities. They effectively manage temperature, optimizing the performance of TEC technology. Jaro’s solutions are widely utilized in various fields, including industrial equipment, communication base stations, medical equipment, and consumer electronics. Jaro’s products excel in extreme environments and situations demanding efficient cooling and heating.

Applications& Suggestions:
  • Provides reliable refrigeration capabilities for cooling applications through air cooling and heat dissipation
  • Widely employed in scenarios such as maintaining a constant temperature in communication battery compartments and cooling control boxes for industrial equipment
  • Provide enclosure or heat dissipation
  • Cooling for food and beverages
  • Heat dissipation for Mobile Base Stations / Signal Tower Battery Cabinets
  • Offers Outdoor Power Distribution Station Cooling

Datasheet Example: Fan Heat Sink Combination with TEC