EMI Shielding Solution SnapShot (PCB Level) XGR Technologies

EMI Shielding Solution SnapShot (PCB Level) XGR Technologies

18 years track record of success over hundreds of applications, including Military, Medical, Industrial Handhelds, GPS devices & Avionics

XGR Technologies is focused on providing innovative, board level EMI shielding solutions. The first of these products is “SnapShot“. Lightweight, metallized plastic that is thermoformed into virtually any shape. Attaches to the PCB by “snapping” over solder spheres installed around the perimeter of the shield and creates strong electromechanical connection.


Benefits of SnapShot

» Superior Shielding Effectiveness
» Complete Design Flexibility & Multicavity Capability
» Ultra-Lightweight
» Installs AFTER the Reflow process
» Extremely Rugged and Durable

SnapShot Brochure


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