Solar Applications Relays – Hasco

Solar Applications Relays – Hasco

Higher Breakdown Voltages between Coil & Contacts

Bigger Contact Gap

Electromagnetic relays are applied in Solar Systems for two main purposes, i.e. at the DC side, they switch on and off the DC voltage generated by photovoltaic cells, and at the AC side, they connect to / disconnect the entire system from the power network.

AC side major requirements: “Contact clearance of minimum 1.5mm & the resistance of the contact clearance to surge voltage of 2500V (VDE standard 0126-1-1)
DC side: “Enlarged contact clearance, withstand high inrush currents

Low to Medium Power Inverters

PR Relay

  • 20A@277VAC
  • DPST18A@277VAC@85C
  • Dielectric Strength 5000VAC between coil & contacts
  • 3KV between poles
  • Contact Gap1.5mm & 2mm


SPR Relay

  • 20A@277VAC
  • DPDT 8A@250VAC
  • High Inrush current 370A@1.5ms
  • Dielectric strength 5KV between coil & contacts


HAP03 Relay

  • 20A@250VAC
  • Dielectric strength 4.5KV between coil & contacts
  • 10KV surge voltage between coil & contacts


Medium to High Power Inverters

HAT901 Relay

  • 30A & 40A heavy duty ratings
  • 4KV Dielectric strength between coil & contacts
  • Wide contact gaps available
  • TV8 ratings, E ballast ratings
  • High Surge current ratings


HAT905 Relay

  • 50A@277VAC
  • 4KV Dielectric strength between coil & contacts
  • Wide contact gaps available


HAG02 Relay

  • 30A & 64A Current ratings
  • Aux. contacts available
  • 4KV dielectric strength between coil & contacts
  • 2.5KV between contacts


HAG01 Relay

  • 140A carry currents
  • 3mm contact gap
  • 5KV breakdown between coil & contacts



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